RivalUS Powder Burn 2.0

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You never quit in the middle of your training or athletic competition, and neither should your pre-workout! Most pre-workout energy and pump supplements use proprietary blends to hide the fact that they’re primarily comprised of stimulants, but POWDER BURN 2.0 shatters that mold. Our formula is transparent so you can see exactly what you’re getting. POWDER BURN 2.0 provides just the right amount of caffeine for an explosive blast of energy up front, while effective doses of arginine, agmatine and citrulline give you a sustained pump and beta alanine fends off muscle fatigue to help you battle to the end. POWDER BURN 2.0 is the spark that will ignite your workouts.

Transparent formula – NO PROPRIETARY BLENDS!

200mg of caffeine for the perfect energy kick

2.75g of arginine and agmatine for super pumps

1.6g of CarnoSyn® beta alanine to fend off fatigue

Sustained energy to keep you going

See how your pre-workout stacks up…if you can tell what's in it