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A close friend called me one evening with a shocking discovery. After his latest workout was cut short due to my nagging shoulder, he went home and downed 2 tablets of his joint support supplement, praying it would finally do something. At that moment he realized he hadn’t just taken his joint supplement…but instead his grandmother’s joint product she left in his cabinet! He read the ingredients of the bottle to find out what he had just taken and appalled to find out that his grandmother’s joint product had exactly the same ingredients. A lousy combination of some glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM.

Why was he taking the same joint supplement as his grandma?!

His had a fancy sports nutrition label; hers was advertised to those 65+. His joints are worn from pummeling them week in and week out in the gym. Last I checked his grandma wasn’t repping out any deadlifts in the gym.

Something isn’t right here…

When did sports nutrition companies get a free pass to use outdated ingredients in joint products for athletes?

We at PEScience set out to change the category to what it should be.

So why is it that all your glucosamine & chondroitin products have failed?

If you increase a car's efficiency from 35mpg to 38mpg, you can say that its efficiency has improved. But will you really notice a difference? This is the best analogy to describe the glucosamine and chondroitin research. Don’t expect much from these supplements, because even their own research doesn’t show anything groundbreaking.