Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Estrogenex 90 ct

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  • Aromatase Inhibitor and Anabolic Agents†
  • Supports Healthy Testosterone to Estradiol Ratios†
  • Newly Formulated with 3 Key Compounds†

Estrogenex follows a multi-pathway design that completely minimizes or eliminates the undesirable effects associated when an estrogen dominant environment occurs. Estrogenex completely maintains the correct testosterone to estrogen ratios that yield the benefits associated with proper hormonal balance. Acting as an irreversible anti-aromatase agent, Estrogenex was specifically designed to be a powerful elevator of total testosterone and maximum liberator of free testosterone. Estrogenex will also play part in the actual blocking of long-term selective estrogen and inhibition of selective complete estrogen signaling. By totally converting estrogen to testosterone, Estrogenex may specifically contribute to significant improvements in muscular growth and fat loss, in addition to its additional health and completely anti-aging benefits. Estrogenex was formulated for a complete normalization of all hormone levels, with specific tendencies toward testosterone dominance, in all aging males. It also aids in the total prevention and reversal of Gynecomastia. As an incredible aromatase inhibitor, Estrogenex is also totally capable of notable testosterone stimulating properties. The aromatase inhibiting action reduces the estrogen sent directly to the brain to completely suppress testosterone production (estrogen is a main feedback signal to totally control the body""s release of testosterone production, thus increasing the testicular output of testosterone). Estrogenex assists in resetting the body""s own completely natural testosterone production by regulating the activity of the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis (HPTA), which continuously adjusts the body""s production of testosterone to totally maintain target blood levels. Continued use of Estrogenex results in not only a significant reduction of overall estrogen, but also a corresponding substantial increase in endogenous testosterone.