American Metabolix Premium Whey 2lb

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100% Whey No Amino Spiking

Whether you need a post workout shake, night time shake, or meal replacement shake our Premium Protein is a blended protein with 60% Isolate and 40% Concentrate and a perfect fit

The time released effect of the Whey combination allows your body time to retain all the protein. Premium Whey is the perfect compliment to meals, for example, a quick breakfast or lunch, and especially for that mid-day snack that keeps your energy at optimum levels. Premium Whey has you covered for every aspect of your day.

Fueled with 100% Lean Protein Complex

  • 23 Grams per serving
  • Mixes Easily – No Clumping
  • 250mg of Hydrating Coconut Water Extract
  • Low Calorie Formula
  • No Added Fat