Adaptogen Science AIT 56 ct

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The good ol’ blood, sweat and tears

Oh, yeah, buddy: you’ve got it. Long weeks of heavy pumping, your training partner singing the same song on your ear in every workout (“Burn, baby! Burn!”), strong dieting and a sound pro hormone cycle. You’re glad with the results and you worth having gone every night to the bed blessed with Arnold’s philosophy of no pain, no gain.

Thus, towards the end of a typical 6-8cycle, you’ve have gained considerable muscle and strength.

So what happens next?



SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin) is a protein produced primarily in the liver, although the testes, uterus, brain, and placenta also synthesize it. It serves as a transport carrier, shuttling estrogen and testosterone to sex hormone receptors throughout your body. SHBG also safeguards these vital hormones from degrading too rapidly and prevents their clearance from the body.


It thus acts as the master regulator of your sex hormone levels, maintaining the delicate balance between estrogen and testosterone critical to overall health and to the maintenance of your gains.