Adaptogen Science 100% Beef 1.9lb

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IsoBeef protein is a USDA produced Beef Protein Isolate that is manufactured from fresh raw beef. Adaptogen Science’s main concern is searching around the world for the best of the best ingredients available to use in our products. As a result, we use BeefISO, which is a Pure Beef protein powder isolate with 99% protein.

We don’t add any amino acids or Creatine, which would only count as lower quality protein! IsoBeef is sugar free and has no cholesterol. It is also both gluten and lactose free, providing a great alternative for those who must avoid lactose (small amounts of lactose are found in all milk proteins like casein and whey protein) because of allergies or intolerance. Beef protein powder is a great, solid way to supplement more protein into your diet because it comes from actual beef and discards the carbs, sugars, fats, and cholesterol. 

Another Tasty Product From Adaptogen Science… Beef protein has a reputation of not being the best tasting protein…We crushed this paradigm!After a lot of research and development with our expert flavor team, we came up with the BEST and TASTIEST beef protein on the market…one that has great texture, is easy to drink, and tastes awesome!