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How Do I Pick A Pre-Workout?

We always get asked, “What pre workout should I take?” or “What’s your best pre workout?”.  My first question is always, “What are you wanting from a pre workout?”  Some want the energy, some want the pump and others want both.

We focus on finding out what your goals are and what you want out of a supplement.  We see so many people taking a supplement for the wrong reason, for example, they might be taking a pre workout thinking it will put on mass.  Of course they become frustrated with the pre workout because they didn’t receive the desired effect.  When instead they should have been using a test booster, protein and improving their meal planning.

A majority of pre workouts are a combination of a stimulant (for energy), a nitric oxide booster (for vasodilation) and a creatine.  Then you have the non-stimulant based pre workouts that are similar except for the energy boosting component.

My recommendation is to decide what you want out of a pre workout.  Research the different brands, ignoring the marketing hype, and visit your local supplement store and get further help from them.  If they don’t know their products, well then your in the wrong supplement store. 


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