Glutamine is good for more than just muscle recovery

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Glutamine is good for more than just muscle recovery

L-Glutamine is the most common amino acid found in your muscles and plays an important role in protein synthesis.  Most people don’t realize that with training, glutamine levels are depleted and can take several days to return to normal levels. When glutamine levels are depleted it decreases strength, stamina and recovery time. 


Generally supplementation of 5g - 15g of glutamine a day will be sufficient for muscle recovery, healing injuries, boosting your immune system, increasing growth hormone levels and improving cellular hydration.


In short, L-glutamine is a great supplement to use for anyone that is dieting and/or training.  Many researchers say that glutamine is the single most important amino acid you can take.  The recommended times to use glutamine is in the morning, after workouts and at night before bed time.


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